Recticel Eurowall® + Cavity Wall Insulation

Eurowall® +
High performance PIR insulation for full fill masonry cavity wall applications.

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Eurowall® + is a premium, high performance full fill insulation board with precision cut tongue and groove joints on all four sides. This ensures that the boards lock tightly together minimising heat loss through thermal bridging. This unique joint offers increased protection against wind driven rain as well as improved windtightness. Eurowall® + is also designed with a 10mm cavity requirement in mind, so that space can be left for conventional bricklaying techniques.

Key benefits
Good thermal performance: λ = 0.022 W/mK
Easy and fast installation
Can help to achieve 0.18 U-value in 100mm cavities
Tongue and groove rebate minimises thermal bridging

How to insulate cavity walls with Eurowall®+?

90mm EUROWALL + within a 100mm cavity can help achieve a U-value of 0.18 W/m²K, meeting the requirements of Part L1A England 2013 and Part L1A Wales 2014. This means that existing designs can be maintained avoiding increased building footprints or reduced room sizes.

Also manufactured at 75mm to work within 85mm cavities, 115mm for 125mm cavities and 140mm for 150mm cavities, the compact design of EUROWALL + leaves space for conventional bricklaying techniques. With enough room to 'roll' the outer leaf bricks into place, bricklayers’ work takes same time to complete.

 How to insulate cavity walls with Eurowall<sup>®</sup>+?



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