Discover the Advantages of fermacell®: A Leading Alternative to Plasterboard in Construction

Introduction to fermacell®: The Future of Construction

In the constantly evolving construction landscape, the search for materials that combine strength, adaptability, and environmental responsibility continues unabated. fermacell® is at the forefront of this innovation, offering a revolutionary range of gypsum fibre boards that provide a robust alternative to traditional plasterboard and wet screed for floors, walls, and ceilings. Embracing fermacell® means choosing advanced plasterboard alternatives that redefine construction norms.

fermacell® vs Traditional Plasterboard: The Definitive Edge

The comparison between fermacell® and traditional plasterboard reveals a stark contrast in benefits. While plasterboard has long been the go-to material, fermacell® distinguishes itself with significant improvements in durability, fire safety, and environmental sustainability, making the choice of fermacell® vs plasterboard an easy one for forward-thinking projects.




Durability and Strength Offers superior impact resistance due to its dense gypsum fibre composition, making it more durable against knocks and damages. This robustness is ideal for high-traffic areas or where wall fixtures are frequently changed. Generally less resistant to impact and can be easily damaged, requiring more frequent repairs or replacements.
Fire Resistance and Safety Provides enhanced fire resistance, with certain products like the Firepanel A1 being classified as non-combustible. This makes fermacell® an excellent choice for ensuring the safety of buildings and their occupants. Offers limited fire resistance compared to fermacell®, often requiring additional treatments or materials to achieve similar levels of protection.
Moisture Resistance The Powerpanel H2O series is specifically designed to resist moisture, making it perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet areas without deteriorating. Traditional plasterboard can be prone to moisture damage unless specifically treated, which can lead to mould and structural issues.
Environmental Impact Made from recycled materials, including gypsum and paper fibres, contributing to a smaller environmental footprint. While there are eco-friendly options, the standard plasterboard production process is less sustainable compared to fermacell®'s recycled content.


fermacell® Drylining Products: A Comprehensive Overview

fermacell® Gypsum Fibreboards: The Versatile Performer

View fermacell® Gypsum Fibre Wall Board

At the heart of the fermacell® product line is the Gypsum Fibreboards, a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and versatility. Unlike standard plasterboard, these boards are denser, providing not only superior strength but also enhanced fire resistance and sound insulation. They are the all-in-one solution for walls and ceilings, eliminating the need for multiple layers and simplifying installation processes.

Key Features:

  • Moisture and Mould Resistance: These boards withstand humid conditions, making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Direct Finish Application: Paint, wallpaper, or tile can be applied directly, bypassing the need for skimming.

  • Eco-Friendly Composition: Made from recycled materials, contributing to a greener planet.

fermacell® Firepanel A1: Next-Level Fire Protection

View fermacell® Firepanel A1 - 12.5mm
View fermacell® Firepanel A1 - 15mm

The Firepanel A1 is a breakthrough in fire-resistant construction materials. Designed to meet the most stringent safety standards, it provides unparalleled peace of mind in public and residential buildings alike. Its A1 classification means it is non-combustible, offering superior protection compared to traditional options.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Safety: Ideal for use in escape routes, stairwells, and anywhere superior fire protection is required.

  • Sustainable: Incorporates non-combustible fibres in its composition, aligning with eco-friendly building practices.

fermacell® Powerpanel H2O: The Ultimate Moisture Barrier

View fermacell® Powerpanel H2O - 1200 x 1000mm
View fermacell® Powerpanel H2O - 2600 x 1200mm

For areas prone to dampness, the Powerpanel H2O is the definitive solution. Engineered for performance in wet conditions, it's the board of choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and even commercial settings like swimming pools and hospitals.

Key Features:

  • Water Resistant: Impervious to water, ensuring durability in wet environments.
  • Heat Resistant: Can withstand temperatures up to 200°C, making it suitable for high-heat areas around stoves and heaters.

fermacell® vs. Wet Screed: Revolutionising Flooring

The contrast between fermacell® flooring solutions and traditional wet screed accentuates fermacell®'s innovative approach, especially regarding installation efficiency, thermal performance, and the incorporation of underfloor heating, making the debate of fermacell® vs screed a key discussion in flooring choice.



Wet Screed

Installation Speed and Efficiency Dry screed boards like the 2E22 and 2E11 allow for immediate work on the floor within 24 hours of installation, eliminating the lengthy drying times associated with wet screed. Requires a drying period that can extend for weeks, delaying further construction processes and increasing project timelines.
Thermal Conductivity and Underfloor Heating Provides optimal thermal conductivity, making it an ideal choice for underfloor heating systems. The boards enhance the system's efficiency, leading to energy savings and improved comfort. Although effective in conducting heat, it often requires a thicker installation that can slow down heating response times and increase energy consumption.
Weight and Structural Considerations Offers a lightweight solution compared to wet screed, reducing the load on building structures. This can be particularly advantageous in renovations where weight is a concern. The heavy nature of wet screed can require additional structural support, especially in large areas or multi-storey buildings.
 Sound Insulation Flooring solutions like the 2E31 acoustic overlay provide superior sound insulation, significantly reducing noise transmission between floors. Typically does not offer the same level of acoustic performance without the addition of extra sound-dampening layers.


Transforming Flooring Solutions: A Comprehensive Overview

Dry Screed Overlay Boards

View fermacell® 2E11 Dry Screed Overlay Board
View fermacell® 2E22 Dry Screed Overlay Board

Fermacell®'s dry screed boards, such as the 2E22 and 2E11, provide an efficient and lightweight alternative to wet screeding. They're ideal for levelling uneven floors and are compatible with underfloor heating, enhancing thermal conductivity for a more efficient heating solution.

Acoustic Overlay

View fermacell® 2E31 Acoustic Overlay Board

The 2E31 acoustic overlay board is designed to significantly reduce sound transmission, making it an excellent choice for multi-residential buildings or any space requiring soundproofing. It combines robustness with the simplicity of installation, offering an effective solution to meet and exceed building regulations.

Powerpanel H2O Flooring

View fermacell® Powerpanel H2O - 1200 x 1000mm
View fermacell® Powerpanel H2O - 2600 x 1200mm

This innovative flooring solution extends the benefits of the Powerpanel H2O to the ground level, offering a waterproof construction perfect for wet areas. Its quick-drying properties mean projects can progress rapidly, with floors ready for use in less than 24 hours.

Complete Your Projects with fermacell®: Accessories and More

To ensure the seamless installation and optimal performance of fermacell® products, offers a full range of accessories tailored to meet the needs of any construction or renovation project. From achieving the perfect finish to ensuring durable installations, our accessories make it easier to work with fermacell® boards, providing everything you need in one place.

fermacell® Fine Surface Treatment (FST)

View fermacell® Fine Surface Treatment
View fermacell® Powerpanel Fine Surface Treatment

Achieve a flawless finish with fermacell® Fine Surface Treatment. This ready-mixed compound is specially formulated for fermacell® boards, smoothing out the surface without the need for traditional plastering. Ideal for creating a paint-ready or wallpaper-ready finish, FST enhances the aesthetic appeal of your walls and ceilings with minimal effort.

Jointstik Adhesive

View fermacell® Greenline Jointstik

Ensure strong and durable joints between fermacell® boards with Jointstik adhesive. This solvent-free adhesive is designed for quick and easy application, providing a robust bond that contributes to the overall stability and integrity of the fermacell® installation. Perfect for both wall and floor boards, Jointstik adhesive is a key component in achieving seamless finishes.

fermacell® Screws

View fermacell® Screws

Secure your fermacell® boards with precision and confidence using fermacell® screws. Engineered specifically for use with gypsum fibre boards, these screws ensure a tight and secure fix, preventing movement and reducing the risk of damage. Available in various lengths to suit different board thicknesses, fermacell® screws are an essential accessory for any project.

fermacell® Powerpanel H2O Sealing Kit

View fermacell® Waterproofing Application

For projects involving Powerpanel H2O boards in wet areas, the Powerpanel H2O Sealing Kit provides everything you need to create a waterproof barrier. This kit includes a sealing compound, reinforcing tape, and protective gloves, ensuring a watertight installation in bathrooms, kitchens, and other moisture-prone areas. Trust the Powerpanel H2O Sealing Kit to protect your space from water damage.

Flooring Accessories: Levelling Compound and Underfloor Heating Elements

fermacell®'s flooring solutions are complemented by a range of accessories designed to enhance their performance. The fermacell® dry levelling compound is perfect for preparing subfloors, ensuring a flat and stable base for overlay boards. For those installing underfloor heating, Fermacell® offers solutions that optimise heat distribution and efficiency, making your heating system more effective and comfortable.

Choose fermacell® for a Superior Building Experience

The choice between fermacell® and traditional options like plasterboard and wet screed is clear. fermacell® stands out for its strength, safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Whether you're working on walls, ceilings, or floors, fermacell® products from offer advanced solutions that meet the demands of modern construction projects.

Explore our full range of fermacell® products and accessories to find everything you need for your next project. With fermacell®, you're not just building for today; you're investing in quality, safety, and sustainability for the future.