Tekwarm Routed Foil Faced Chipboard UFH Panel | 2400mm x 600mm x 22mm

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Enhance Your Underfloor Heating with Tekwarm Foiled Chip-UFH Board

Tekwarm Foiled Chip-UFH Board elevates the standard for underfloor heating solutions, adding a sophisticated layer of foil to its premium, moisture-resistant routed chipboard. This innovation not only offers all the benefits of the standard version but also incorporates an advanced reflective surface to optimise thermal efficiency.

Designed for even heat distribution, it ensures your space is enveloped in consistent warmth and comfort. The high conductivity of the board is now further enhanced by the foil layer, reflecting heat upwards and significantly improving your underfloor heating system's performance.

Whether you're embarking on new build projects or looking to retrofit your space, the Tekwarm Foiled Chip-UFH Board stands out as the superior choice for achieving exceptional heating performance.

Key Features

  • Moisture Resistance: Crafted for durability with moisture-resistant properties, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Optimal Heat Distribution: The foiled surface acts as a heat reflector, distributing warmth evenly across the floor. This not only enhances the efficiency of your underfloor heating system but also contributes to energy savings.
  • Versatile Insulation Options: Choose from foiled, standard or bonded variants, with the option to add thermal or acoustic insulation tailored to your project's needs.
  • Precision Grooves for Heating Pipes: Each board is meticulously grooved on one side, precisely accommodating 12mm diameter underfloor heating pipes, complete with radius returns for optimal efficiency.
  • Customisable Pipe Layouts: Offering a variety of grooved pipe layouts and patterns to suit diverse requirements and maximise system customisation. Further details are available upon request.
  • Optimised for 12mm Pipes: The board's design is ideally suited for 12mm underfloor heating pipes, ensuring a perfect match for streamlined heating installation.
  • Structured Support: Designed with 200mm or 150mm board centers, Tekwarm Chip-UFH Board provides robust support, ensuring stability across the heating system.
  • Seamless Installation: Featuring tongue and groove edges, these boards promise easy and secure installation, resulting in a seamless fit and flawless finish. These boards are also designed to be installed directly onto floor joists, with standard chipboard screws and joint adhesive, making it suitable for a wide range of projects.
  • Flexible Finishing Options: Accommodates a variety of floor finishes with the additional application of a Tekwarm Overlay Board or suitable plywood, depending on the requirements.

Technical Specifications



Board Size 2400mm x 600mm x 22mm
Material Moisture Resistant Chipboard
Pipe Compatibility 12mm Diameter Underfloor Heating Pipes
Thermal/Acoustic Insulation Optional (Standard Foiled or Bonded)
Additional Overlay 6mm or 9mm Plywood/Tekwarm Overlay Board
Installation Base Suitable for Direct Installation onto Floor Joists
Finish Compatibility Tekwarm Overlay Board, Plywood, Laminates, Hardwood Flooring, Carpets
Pipe Layouts and Patterns Standard and Custom Options Available

Installation Process

Tekwarm Chip-UFH Foiled Board offers a streamlined installation directly onto floor joists, which are often insulated for enhanced performance. Its design features tongue and groove edges for a seamless and secure fit between panels, creating an ideal base for your underfloor heating system. The installation is simplified with the use of standard chipboard screws and joint adhesive, providing a solid foundation for the heating elements.

Finishing Touches

For the finishing layer, a Tekwarm Overlay Board or appropriate plywood is essential before any floor finishes are applied. The Tekwarm Overlay Board can be laid down as a floating floor, offering ease and flexibility. When opting for plywood, ensure it is firmly attached with suitable fixings for a sturdy base. Following the installation of the substrate, floor finishes such as laminates, hardwood, or carpets can be applied, utilizing the correct underlay as recommended by the floor finish manufacturer.


How does Tekwarm Chip-UFH Board enhance underfloor heating systems?

Tekwarm Chip-UFH Board is designed to significantly optimise underfloor heating (UFH) systems by evenly distributing heat across the floor for consistent and comfortable warmth. The board's routed design secures underfloor heating pipes, facilitating an even spread of heat. Importantly, it prevents heat from penetrating downwards, directing it upwards into the room where it is needed most. This maximises the efficiency of the heating system, ensuring that the warmth is concentrated within the living spaces, enhancing both comfort and energy efficiency.

Does the added foil layer make a difference?

Absolutely, the foil layer plays a crucial role in enhancing thermal efficiency. By slowing the transfer of heat and acting like a mirror, the foil reflects heat into the room, rather than allowing it to dissipate. This reflective property ensures a more effective distribution of heat, significantly improving the underfloor heating system's performance and contributing to energy savings.

When should I choose the plain version, and when should I use the foil version

Selecting between the standard and a foil versions depends on the specific requirements for thermal efficiency in your space. For areas where enhanced thermal efficiency and improved heat distribution are priorities, the foil version is recommended due to its reflective properties that contribute to a more evenly heated space and better energy efficiency. The plain version is suited for standard installations where the primary need is for underfloor heating support and basic insulation.

Can these panels be used in both new build and retrofit projects?

Yes, Tekwarm Chip-UFH Boards are designed for versatility, making them suitable for both new build constructions and retrofitting existing properties. Their compatibility with various floor finishes and straightforward installation process allows them to be easily integrated into a wide range of projects.

What are the dimensions of the Tekwarm Routed Chipboard UFH Panels?

Tekwarm Routed Chipboard UFH Panels are sized at 2400mm x 600mm x 22mm, accommodating 12mm diameter underfloor heating pipes with radius returns. This size is tailored to efficiently cover standard floor areas while ensuring a seamless fit for the heating system.

Are Tekwarm Chip-UFH Boards structural?

Not as such. Even though the Chipboards are, routing the panels for underfloor heating pipe accommodation impacts their structural integrity, which is why the use of a Tekwarm Overlay Board or appropriate plywood is recommended. This overlay provides the necessary structural support and stability for the floor finish, ensuring the durability and safety of the flooring system.

Are other routed pipe layouts and patterns available?

Absolutely! We provide a range of routed pipe layouts and patterns to suit different underfloor heating system designs. Please contact us for more information and customisation options.

Is the Tekwarm Chip-UFH Board readily available?

Yes, the standard pattern board is usually available from stock, ensuring quick and convenient access to our quality products, this includes the foiled version also.


Tekwarm Foil Faced Chip-UFH Board Data Sheet


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