Window Insulation

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Window Insulation. Discover how you can drastically improve the energy efficiency of your home without spending a fortune.

50% of heat lost through a well-insulated home goes straight out the windows. Double glazing is a great way to lock this heat in, but here are other ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home without spending a fortune.

Types of window insulation

Double Glazing

This is the best and most effective option if you want to make the most of your homes existing insulation. Double glazing creates an insulating layer between two panes of glass and is filled with air or heavy gas to better trap heat inside. If you’re undergoing renovations or home improvements it is worth considering double glazing during the process due to the cost and hassle of refitting an entire home. In addition, double glazing can actually help reduce noise and prevent condensation in cold weather. If you’re considering double glazing, there are a few things you may want to consider before making the investment

  • Frames made from insulating material, such as wood or u-PVC, loose less heat than standard aluminium frames
  • Low-emissivity glass cuts heat loss by 20-30%. This glass reflects heat back inside the room, whilst still letting light and heat in.
  • Keep draughts, moisture and noise out and enhance double glazing, by ensuring there are multiple layers of good seals, and the joint between the window and frame is well sealed.
  • Plastic or stainless steel spacers between glass panes, rather than aluminium, hold in heat better.
  • Gas filler between panes, rather than air, acts as a better insulator. It can improve your glazing by 3-9% compared to air filled panes.

Retrofit Alternatives

Depending on the state of your existing single gazed windows, you may be able to upgrade them without having to replace them with new double glazed units. You may be able to install;

  • DIY heat-shrink insulation.
  • Magnetic acrylic sheet that attaches to window sash
  • Install new double-glazed unit into existing sash
  • Replace sash with new double-glazed sash


If you have existing double glazed windows, thermal curtains or blinds can increase their performance and add to your homes warmth. They can reduce heat loss by 60% for single glazed, and up to 50% for double glazed windows.

Good quality curtains need to create a seal to prevent heat from escaping behind the curtain, and cold air from getting into the room. To provide any form of insulation, they need to:

  • Be wider than the window frame
  • Have multiple layers
  • Reach from floor to ceiling
  • Fi tightly against the wall
  • Made from thick material
  • Backed with a layer of thermal material

Tip: Make sure they are open during the day to let in any sunlight and warmth, then close them before it gets dark to retain heat overnight.

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