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Sheffield Insulation is the UK’s leading distributor of insulation and related products to the construction market. They’ve been a large player in insulation for over 50 years, and their products now scope acoustic to thermal insulation and everything in between.

Their impressive team of in-house experts offer impartial and qualified advice on insulation, and can help you find the best most suitable option for your home and environment. Their extensive range of eco-friendly products and brands convey their dedication to sustainability and on-going innovation. In addition, they offer free technical advice and support and have a team of experts, dubbed ‘SIG360 retrofit’, who give homebuilders access to full-home energy solutions, services and advice. SIG360 Retrofit takes the complexity and cost out of retrofitting homes. It helps ensure the solutions home builders are installing are the most suitable and cost effective for that particular home and are as energy efficient as possible.

The Sheffield website offers tons of advice for homeowners looking to insulate their homes; you can contact one of their experts online for full technical advice or find a branch near you to get a technician tout for an on-site survey of your home.

Whether you’re researching your options or looking for an entire insulation retrofit, Sheffields has the information and range of products to suit any need.

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