Sheep’s wool insulation

Sheep’s wool is one of the most eco-friendly, cost effective and safe ways to insulate your home. It is very effective as a thermal and acoustic insulator, and can be used in almost any application throughout the home.

Sheep Wool insulation is a great option to consider when insulating your home. The wool fibres have a natural crimped nature, which trap millions of pockets of air. This quality gives the wool one of the highest R Values of any insulation, and allows the wool to retain its structure over long periods of time. As a hygroscopic material, it is able to absorb up to 40% of is body weight in water without becoming wet to the touch or compromising its insulating abilities.


Unlike many other insulating materials, sheep’s wool contains no toxic glues, asbestos or glass fibres. It is completely safe to handle without the need for breathing aids or protective clothing. Sheep’s wool fibres are completely biodegradable and can be composted in the ground, incinerated or recycled.


Sheep’s wool insulation can contain up to 95% natural fibre content. The natural thermal qualities of sheep’s wool breathe in and trap air, providing excellent resistance to air flow. The fibres are extremely resilient and will maintain its structure and insulating performance for the life of the building.

There are many benefits to choosing sheep’s wool to insulate your home. It acts as a great sound absorbent, its insect and vermin resistant and its user friendly - so you’ll have no hassle installing it yourself. Sheep’s wool insulation can be hard to source in places as there are few producers, this could also make it a more expensive option.

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