Roof insulation

Roof insulation is the easiest and cheapest insulation to install in your home - and it’s a great first step towards creating a warmer and more comfortable space for you to live in

Heat rises, and in an un-insulated home over a quarter of all heat loss goes straight through the ceiling and out the roof. Quality Roof Insulation can save you hundreds in wasted energy costs and the benefits can last up to 40 years – in which time it would have paid for itself over and over!

Do I need roof insulation?

To see if your home has existing Roof Insulation, check your roof space and see if you have any installed. The insulation should be at least 12cm thick and covering the whole ceiling. If there are gaps, damp patches or damage caused by birds or rodents you will need new insulation.

If you have trouble checking your own, most professionals will come and do it free of charge, and often they will be able to tell you if you qualify for government funding at the same time.

What type of insulation?

The main types of Roof Insulation are

  • Matting
  • Loose-fill
  • Blown insulation
  • Rigid insulation boards

If your roof is easily accessible with no damp or condensation issues then insulation should be simple and easy – you could probably do it yourself! Your Roof Insulation could even be free if you qualify for one of the governments heating grants

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Bio-mass Boiler
Gas Boiler
Solar PV (Solar Electricity)
Solar Thermal (Solar Water Heating)
Heat Pump
Double Glazing

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