Rockwool Insulation

Rockwool is a type of insulation made from rocks and minerals; ideal for thermal control, acoustic control and fire protection. It is created in a variety of forms for different applications, including slabs, rolls, mats and pipe sections at varying densities and structures. Its resistance to heat makes it suitable to many industrial and fire protection uses, and is often used in apartment and office blocks to prevent the spread of fire.


There are many advantages to using rockwool insulation, including sound absorbency, fire protection and thermal control. Its open fibrous structure and density makes it ideal for acoustic insulation, and it is widely used for this purpose. Other advantages of this premium insulation product include;

  • Ease of installation
  • Fire barrier
  • Resistance to rodents and insects
  • Durability
  • R-Value is maintained over time
  • Sustainable materials


  • Although it is a sustainable product, it is hard to dispose of. If it was to be buried it would last indefinitely.
  • Fibres are a health risk, recommended to wear a face mask when installing.

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