Polystyrene Insulation

Polystyrene is a very effective and common form of insulation that’s widely used in UK homes.

Polystyrene is a very common form of insulation; its effectiveness, ease of installation and light weight make it a great choice for many home owners. It is a form of bulk insulation, and comes in rigid boards that can be cut to fit any area.


When properly installed, insulation should reflect heat during summer and retain it during winter. Polystyrene has a high R-Value, great moisture resistance and is relatively strong compared to other insulation materials –all of which make it a great option to keep your warmer in winter and nice and cool in summer!

Polystyrene insulation can come in two types; Extrusion or Moulded. The extrusion method results in boards with fine, closed cells which contain air and refrigerant gas. Moulded, or ‘beadboard’, does not contain gas so has a slightly lower R-Value and density, though this is a cheaper option.


There are a few disadvantages to this type of insulation, including its incompatibility with some types of electrical wiring. A few types of wiring will actually erode prematurely if it comes into contact with polystyrene insulation. It is also very flammable, which means it has to be chemically treated, increasing the overall cost.

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