Floor insulation

Floor insulation should be one of the first things you consider when improving the warmth and comfort of your home. Most of the time it’s easy and inexpensive, and the benefits start showing quickly!

Check your existing insulation

If you can easily access the area underneath your floors it pays to check if there’s any insulation existing already. The insulation may need to be replaced if;

  • It is loose, not fitted firmly against the floor
  • Has pieces missing
  • Showing gaps
  • Has been damaged

If you have trouble checking your own it’s a good idea to arrange a professional to come and check it for you. They will generally do this free of charge and should be able to tell you whether you qualify for any government funding at the same time.

Any droughts around skirting boards should be fixed at the same time to get the most out of your under floor insulation


Not all Floor Insulation has to be installed by a professional, and it can sometimes work out cheaper to do it yourself. Some jobs will require a professional, for example, if you need to lift your floor panels or if your home has solid concrete floors. Solid floors are insulated using rigid foam, which is fitted either above or below the concrete. It soaks up warmth through the concrete during the day and releases it during the cooler night hours.

We suggest you use a qualified, reputable installer to firstly survey your needs, and then make recommendations based on your home and location.

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